第十三关:亚历山大(Level 13 – Alexandria)


Jean:Lara! You are alive! I feared for you. What’s…


(Jean显然是想问“What’s happened”——发生了什么事)

Lara:Von Croy has the amulet.

【Von Croy拿到了护身符。】

Jean:Ahh, this is bad. But he doesn’t yet have the armor; there is still time to prepare for Seth.


Lara:Jean, I am tired. Give a girl a break.


Jean:My dear, when all this is over, you can retire. But now, we must move swiftly. My men dive into the bay for remnants of Cleopatra’s lost palaces.




Jean:Yes. She realized the armor’s significance and had it brought here. Some was subsequently scattered. But…


Lara:And where would you recommend I start looking?


Jean:In the Catacombs under Alexandria, my diggers have unearthed chambers connected to the Great Library. This would hold the true location of Cleopatra’s palaces. But we have yet to find a way in.



Lara:Take me there.


Jean:But there is a problem…


Lara:Von Croy!

Jean:Yes, his dig is expanding, crossing over many of my own tunnels. Of course, my men no longer work when Von Croy’s thugs appeared on the scene.


Lara:Time to introduce myself to Werner’s loyal work force.


Jean:First you must get into the Catacombs. Von Croy has them completely sealed up. And I fear he will soon have the armor.

【首先你必须进入地下墓穴。Von Croy已经把它们全部封闭起来了。我担心他很快就会拿到铠甲。】

Lara:Over my dead body.



Jean:This I fear also. I shall wait here for news. Return if you feel I can help in any way. Good Luck, Lara. I fear that you may need it.


Lara:I make my own luck.


(还记得第一关的小Lara得到背包以后,怎么回答Von Croy的调侃的吗?“我的命运由我自己掌握。”英文原句是一模一样的。)


Jean:More information? Oui?

I believe some of the armor could be here in the town. A local collector had a small exhibition and was rumored to have a piece. It is hard to say if this is true. The man was a fool. A while back he vanished leaving the exhibition boarded up. If Von Croy has not gotten to it, perhaps, this would be the place to begin.


我相信铠甲的一些部分就在这个镇上。这里有个收藏家曾经举办了一个展览,有传言说其中包含了铠甲的一个部分。很难说这究竟是真是假。那人真是愚蠢。没过多久他就消失了,丢下那些被栅木板围起来的展览品撒手不管了。如果Von Croy还没有得到那个部分,或许你可以从那里开始。”】



Jean:Lara, I have been doing some reading and it is highly probable that some of the armor is hidden down in the Catacombs themselves. But you must take care. Word of Von Croy’s men fleeing from the tunnels has reached me. Seth’s apparitions have been moving into the city and gathering at ancient sites. You must hurry and find the library.

【Lara,我查了一些资料,铠甲的一部分很可能就藏在地下墓穴里。但是你必须小心。我听说Von Croy的一些人从地道里逃了出来,说赛特手下的幽灵已经进入了城市,在一些远古遗址聚集起来了。你得赶紧找到图书馆。】

(“Word of Von Croy’s men fleeing from the tunnels has reached me.”直译为“从地道里逃出来的Von Croy的人的话传到了我这里。”)


Jean:Greetings Lara.

Remember, somewhere in the library will be the means to guide you to the location of Cleopatra’s Palaces. Von Croy will not know you have found the library yet. But I have heard, through connections, that he has hired new local help and is doubly searching for another way in. But I fear…that we must move quickly – if we are to stay ahead. Remember the Great Library was very much like a university to ancient Alexandria. It will full of knowledge, puzzles and inventions. You will need quick wits to get through.Good luck, old friend.


记住,图书馆的一些地方能指引你到达克里奥帕特拉宫殿。Von Croy还不知道你已经发现了图书馆。但是我听说他已经新雇佣了几个当地人做帮手,在加班加点搜寻另一条通道。总之我担心……我们必须开足马力赶在他前头。记住,大图书馆更像是古代亚历山大的一所综合性大学。里面充满了智慧,迷题和发明。你需要足够机智才能通过。祝你好运,我的老朋友。 】



Jean:Ahh Lara, You have most truly put Von Croy’s nose out of joint this time. If even, well, get this less than perfect, I would be very happy. As it is, we must now be even more careful. He will become even more desperate and thus more dangerous. Be on your guard. Use the artifact to get into Cleopatra’s Palaces and find the rest of the armor. Tread carefully now. And not too much sightseeing, hm?

【啊,Lara,这回你几乎真的给了Von Croy当头一棒!如果事情能够更完美,我就会很高兴了。现在的问题是我们必须加倍小心。Von Croy现在已经不顾一切了,因此更加危险。你千万要注意防范。你可以用那个神物进入克里奥帕特拉宫殿,找到剩下的铠甲。现在得步步小心,也不要逗留太久,嗯?】

(“put Von Croy’s nose out of joint”直译为“把Von Croy的鼻子打脱臼”,此处采取意译(也只能意译)。“If even, well, get this less than perfect, I would be very happy.”这句话其实是说事情其实并不完美,Jean并不高兴。“not too much sightseeing”中的“sightseeing”是观光的意思,用在这里一方面是要Lara不要掉以轻心,另一方面是要她抓紧时间。)

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