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《东印度公司》经济贸易攻略 官方论坛帖 - 游戏论

《东印度公司》经济贸易攻略 官方论坛帖



1. Start a Free Game as Portugal since they are closest to India. Arcade battles (fastest ships), captain experience per money changed to 2.0.


2. DON’T click to turn starting mini-tutorial off.


3. Do as tutorial says, start building a Schooner (strong and fast ship, perfect for trading with India), add your Cutter to a Fleet.


4. Go to the ledger, trade information and check prices. Send your Cutter for Gold or Diamonds depending what pays better (both goods aren’t sold in tons but in carats and kilos which means Cutter can load lots of it despite tiny cargo hold). Do not automate this ship, it’s your personal fleet to trade valuables and run errands, you should add more light ships (Sloops preferably) to it and later migrate it to something fast but also tough, preferably Xebecs.

将你的cutter单独到黄金,钻石利润高的地方拉货。这艘船不要自动贸易。你可以适当的添加一些轻快的船只,如小帆船Sloops ,到后面优选小型三桅帆船Xebecs。

5. When your Schooner is ready, create another fleet with this ship in it, look for a better captain (you want Hagglers and Navigators). Send that fleet to Cochin manually.


6. Keep manually trading with Africa using your Cutter until your Schooner reaches India.


7. When your first ship hits India, you will get 50k for completing the mini-tutorial, load your Schooner with Tea and if you have enough cash left (if you traded well using your Cutter, you should) start building your second Schooner. You might be tempted to build two if you have more than 25k left but don’t do it yet. This is the moment when you want to automate your India Schooner.


8. When your Schooner goes back home, add second Schooner to the fleet (need to wait for the right moment if he’s automated to enter your port). Send them for Spices this time, preferably Goa (not Bombay due to plague outbreak which happens there soon). This is where you will employ that extra 25k you had left from not building a Schooner, you will invest it in Spices and earn more than on Tea.



9. Your priority before 1615 is to have four fleets of 5x Schooner going to India and bringing back all four MTIs from there. Don’t stop trading with your Cutter though, Diamond and Gold runs if done manually really make a difference. Also keep looking for better captains. You are interested in four skills really, 5% cheaper buying, 5% better selling, 20% faster navigation on strategic level and better organization, 20% more goods on ships.


10. Do not approach AI companies at all. They will approach you themselves and will pay you hefty sums of cash for Pacts with them.


11. Once your four fleets are all ready and trading and your captains are cool, unlock Galleon and build five of them. Load them with Marines and send them on conquest. You want to conquer ports with Spices and Tea first, Cochin and Goa are perfect for that, especially that they are next to each other so easier to defend. If you are lucky your 5 Galleons will be enough to get both with losses of one or two ships and lots of men. Send Galleons back to Europe and start upgrading Garrisons in India right away.

一旦你的舰队到了四艘以后,将大帆船解锁,然后造五艘西班牙大帆船,载满士兵,去占领香料,茶叶的港口,首选Cochin 和 Goa 。


12. In Europe, start gathering Iron Wares, you want to load 500 on your Galleons for their second trip to India (sell Marines) so you can upgrade all Forts there to level 2, all Trade Posts to level 3 and also Garrisons to level 3. You want one good level 3 shipyard in India as well.


13. Unload tools, upgrade your Indian infrastructure and load Marines (can do it in ports with Garrison level 2). You can conquer more ports now, I try to own 2x Spice, 2x Tea ports and 1x Silk 1x Porcelain. If AI snatches a port you wanted, conquer some other port and go to diplomacy to exchange it for the one they hold.


14. Ignore conquest in Africa for now. Prices there will quickly plummet under the level of profit and the port will cost more in upkeep than earn in trade.


15. To control AIs, keep 5x Galleons in India at all time loaded with Marines and ready to interfere if something goes wrong. Don’t let any single AI hold more than two ports there and even those with two ports you want to attack and give one of their ports to someone else. Optimal situation is each AI having one port in India only and the rest to be held by you.


16. After that the world is yours. Migrate your India convoys from Schooners to 4x Galleon and 1x Frigate (Frigate unlocks 1630 and it’s around that time already). Migrate your manual errand fleet to 5x Xebec. Migrate your Indian defensive fleet to 5x Frigate and prepare another 5x Frigate at home to conquer more ports all over the world and hunt enemy navies or Pirates down.


17. Kill off your enemies starting with most powerful ones. Cut them off from goods in India (gift their port there to someone else right after conquering and keep your own ports extremely secure) and see them sink financially over next few years until they either are very weak or completely bankrupt.


Old post:(老帖子)

– Start building a Schooner (there’s no better ship on that list) and in the meantime (takes 4 months) send the free Cutter to Africa to buy Diamonds

– After Cutter is back and Schooner is built, send both ships for Spices (best price early on) to India on autotrade command

– Use cash from the first trip to buy another Schooner, also remember to go to battle map once attacked by Pirates and run away right away. Sacrifice Cutter if needed. 🙂

– 4-6 trips (faster if you get silver in Lisbon) to unlock Galleons (many cannons, strong hull, 100 soldiers or 100t cargo, there aren’t better ships out there)

– 4-6 more trips to build 3 Galleons (sell Cutter) so my main fleet is 3x Galleon and 2x Schooner.

– Get a second fleet of 5x Galleon with a Conqueror commander full of soldiers to capture ports on the way to India. Start with Cape Town or Mozambique, (don’t conquer the ones that sell “generic goods”).

– Establish 3xGalleon+2xSchooner/Xebec fleets to all your colonies. Deliver tools and start upgrading.

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