What? Talk into this thing? Just… talk? I don’t have to do anything else?

(Alien Babble)

Ow! All right! <Zap!> Ow! I said all right! Just stop!

Hello. Um… hello. My name is Andrew Endicott.

On the night of May 17th, the year our Lord 1697, I was… I was taken. From my home in Salem Village.

I… I do not know where I am, exactly, or why I came to be here.

I have seen, through… windows… the stars, and sun, and beloved Earth. Down there, below me.

So it would seem I am aboard some vessel, suspended in the ether. Ironically, it would seem, so close to where I thought Heaven must surely lie.

But this is not Heaven. And my captors are not angels. I am not entirely unconvinced that the scripture is wrong. That Heaven and Hell are reversed.

For my captives are devils. Demons from my nightmares. Even now they watch me, make me talk.

They seem to want me to tell my story. I know not why. A record of their deeds, perhaps? Or am I just a pawn in some… some evil game.

And there are others. Other… captives, I mean. From whence they came I cannot say.

Some wear strange dress, as if they are from… a different time. And some are… frozen! As in ice! Unmoving! But, I think… alive.

I believe they plan the same fate for me. Will I be frozen, too? Will I… (Alien Babble and Physical hit) Ow! Stop it! I did what you said! You wanted me to talk, so I talked! Just leave me! Leave me be!

啥? 对这个东西说话? 就… 说话就好了? 不用干别的事情吗?


痛! 好啦好啦! <电击声> 痛!我说好啦!住手!

你好。 嗯… 你好。 我叫安德鲁 埃迪克Andrew Endicott(这个以后保留原名算了,懒得音译以后我自己都看不懂)

我… 我不知道我在那里,或者确切说我为啥在这裡

我看到,从… 窗外看到,星星,太阳,还有与我最爱的地球。全都在下面,在我脚下






有些穿着不同的衣服,好像… 从另一个时空过来的,而有一些是… 被冻起来!被冰冻起来!!一动不动!!!不过我觉得他们… 还活着。

我深信我会跟他们一样的下场。我也会被冻起来吗?我会… (外星人语+受害人被打)痛!! 停手!! 我已经照你们吩咐做了!! 我说了呀!! 放开我放开我!!


(Alien Babble)

What? What the fuck is this thing? Ya got some kind of Martian sex machine, you sick fuck? Uh uh. No way.

(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)

Ahh! God DAMNIT! Fuckin’ crazy-ass Moon Man! Go ahead! Do your worst!

(Alien Babble)

Gaaaaahh!! Jesus H! Do you not get it, space cadet? I. Do. Not. Fucking. Understand. What. You. Want. Me. To. Do!

This thing? This? What? Talk? I AM talking! What do you want me to say?!

(Alien Babble)

Blah blah blah, yakkety yakkety! That all you assholes can say?! Space men with all this science, and you can’t even speak fuckin’ English?

Okay, how’s about this. My name is Vin. I am on a fucking UFO. I’m from Flatbush, and I want to get home. Can I get a taxi, please?

How’s that? Huh? That work for ya, starstruck?

What? Don’t you raise that fuckin’ thing to me again… Oh, you gonna hit me again? Is that…

(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)

Agggghhhhh!! Sonofa… Why don’t you go back to Uranus, huh? Ha ha ha <zap!> Agggh!

[粗俗字眼注意] – 好吧还是原文比较有味道,毕竟我第一语言不是国语,希望有心人改进~



啊!!草! 草拟大业神经病月亮人!!来吧!!再来啊!!


哇啊啊啊啊!! 草泥马!! 太空兵你们还不明白??? 我!他!妈!不!懂!你!要!干!嘛!

这东西?这?啥?说话? 我他妈正在说阿!!!我要我说啥??


一一哦呀呀呀!! 你那草蛋就会那么两句啊!! 太空人科技他妈先进,连个英文都不会说阿!!

好! 这样好了。我叫Vin。我在一个他妈UFO上。我来自Flatbush(纽约的一个地方,有错请指正),我要回家。我要叫计程车,可以吗?




啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!狗娘…(这个拆开来看son of a…) 为啥你们不会到天王星去哈?哈哈哈 <电击声> 啊啊啊啊!!


(Alien Babble)

Yes, yes, I understand! I’ve seen the others. I’ll do what you want.

This is Doctor Morrison Rand, Professor of Anthropological Archaeology at Banfield College, Humboldt, Oregon.

Shortly after 10:00 p.m., on August 16, 2041, as I was leaving the college campus, headed to my car, I saw a blinding light.

It just… appeared. In the sky, directly over me. I was blinded. I also found my body completely immobilized. I couldn’t move, not at all.

What happened next is… hazy. I don’t remember much. But what became clear later – what is certainly clear now – is that I was abducted.

I am now the captive of an alien race, one of many people held here, against our will. And, like those others, I am recording who I am.

Why? Because the aliens want us to, for some reason. They have us do it right before they put us into some kind of… suspended animation.

These recordings… It’s almost as if we’re creating our own library catalog entries, before we get put into a giant collection.

The entire experience would be fascinating if I weren’t so completely terrified.

(Alien Babble)

What? Stop? You want me to stop now. All right! All right, see? I’m stopping…


是,是,我懂! 我看到你对其他人做甚么了,我会照你说的做。

这裡是Morrison Rand医生,俄勒冈州banfield大学人类考古学教授。



接下来发生的事情就很… 模糊了。 我已经不太记得。可是不久之后一切都变得清晰,当然现在是很清晰,反正就是,我被俘虏了。


何解?因为外星人因为某些原因要我们这样做。他们要我们做好这个因为他们要把我们放到一些… 隔离舱。(这个我自己也没很懂… )

这些录音… 就像我们在他们把我们放入自己的藏品之前,我们自己在做自己的档案库。





(Alien Babble)

Oh! I see! Like a tape recorder, right? You just want me to talk? I can do that, certainly.

Hello there! I’m Madeline Wallace. Of the Cincinatti Wallaces?

Well, I… I’m here, on this rocket ship. I’m with the strange men, the space men. The ones who brought me here.

My entire family is onboard, actually. My husband, Roy, daughter Margaret, and my son Arthur, as well.

Oh, you should see Arthur! He’s so excited. He says this is much better than the things they show on Captain Cosmos.

And I have to say – I agree! Everything is just so… fantastical! I can only hope our hosts have been talking with Uncle Sam.

Because with these doohickeys, we’d have the Reds beat in no time! He he he he.

(Alien Babble)

Hmmm? I’m terribly sorry, sir. I’m doing my best. I really don’t know what you want me to say.

Whomever will listen to this recording, I would just like to state that if you find yourself in the same boat as the Wallaces, don’t be afraid.

I’m not entirely sure what our hosts want, but the situation has been entirely acceptable. We have been treated fairly.

Anyway, the space man is waving his little electrical stick thingy, so I think I’m done. Goodbye!



你好!我是Madeline Wallace,Cincinatti Wallaces的女儿。

那,我… 我在这裡,在一艘飞船上面。我跟一些奇怪的人,带我们来这裡的宇宙人在一起。


对了你一定要看看arthur!他真的很兴奋!他说这裡的东西比captain cosmos里面的好太多了。

而且我可以说,我完全同意!!所有东西都… 像幻想中的一样!! 我只能希望绑架我的人正在跟山姆大叔对话。









(Alien Babble)

Where’s my wife? Where’s my boy? What have you done with them?

When I get free, so help me God I’m going to kill every last one of you!

(Alien Babble and Physical Hit)

Arrgh! What are you doing? What the hell do you want with us? LET ME GO!






6号:医疗兵Elliot Tercorien的录音

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…

(Alien Babble)

Gah! Just let me go, okay?! This is crazy, this is like batshit unbelieveable crazy. I didn’t do anything, I don’t know what you want with me.

Is this because of Anchorage? I swear I didn’t even want to be there, man. You gotta believe me.

I didn’t even WANT to be out in the field! I was looking for a job in Washington, you know?

(Alien Babble)

What? What do you want? I don’t understand! Why is this happening to me?









(After a few seconds of silence)

Nanda kono arisama ha? Youkaihenge ka?

Hanase, imasagu!

Kikoenuka, hanase, ima…<zap>






你们是谁? (这个不懂)




This is… this is incredible! I’m… I’m Colonel Hartigan, of the United States Air Force.

(Alien Babble)

I’m sorry, what? I don’t understa… Oh, speak into this? Yes, I was saying, I’m Colonel Hartigan, United States Air Force.

Our nation has been conducting manned spaceflight tests… I’m sorry, you’ll have to forgive me. Frankly we never expect to meet you all!

I’m sure there’s a great deal that our two species can learn from <zap>

Oww! What the Hell? What is this, what are you doing?

(Alien Babble and Physical hit)

这真是… 太神奇了!! 我是…我是Hartigan上校,隶属美国空军。


我很抱歉,甚么?我不懂… 哦,对着这个讲吗?是的,我说,我是Hartigan上校,隶属美国空军。

我国正在进行载人太空飞行测试… 阿对不起,我很抱歉。老实说我们没有预计到会看到你们!!


痛痛痛!! 搞XX毛?这是啥,你在做甚么?




(Alien Babble)

Oh god, what are you doing to me? What’s that thing? Get it out of me!

Ahhh…. that hurts… oh, please… stop… no…. <grunting>

<growling noises>

(Alien Babble)



啊啊啊啊… 很痛耶… 求求你了… 停… 不要… <机器声>





(Alien Babble)

I can’t feel my legs… what did you do to my legs…

…Frank? I can’t see you…

<growling noises>

Frank? Frank! What did they do to you?!

<growling noises>



我的腿没有知觉了… 你对我的腿做过甚么了

…Frank? 你在哪里我看不到你…


Frank? Frank? 他们对你做甚么了?





Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511.

(Alien Babble)

Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511.

(Alien Babble and Physical hit)

AGH! Fuck! You… can do what…ever you want to me… I’m not saying jack sh…Stick it where the… sun don’t shine…

(Alien Babble and Physical hit)

AGGGH! Oh my g… P-priv.. ate Law-lawrence M..mea..rs. U.S. Ar…army M-m-m…edic…

(Alien Babble and Physical hit)

二等兵 Lawrence Mears,美利坚合众国军医疗兵,编号3475611


二等兵 Lawrence Mears,美利坚合众国军医疗兵,编号3475611


啊!草!无论… 你… 对我… 做什么… 我都不会说… 在不会… 有太阳照耀到… 的地方


啊啊!!天… 二…等兵…Law-lawrence M..mea..rs… 美…美…利坚… 医疗….


12号,这个说实话,有可能是sally,也有可能是她的sister姐姐/妹妹,因为整个流程她都没有向PC透露她究竟是有一个姐姐还是妹妹 = =

我就按姐姐来翻好了… 控萝利的各位可以脑补為妹妹XD

Where am I? Where’s my sister?

(Alien Babble)

I can hear some weird noises, but I can’t see you. Why is it so dark in here? What’s this machine? Please… someone talk to me!

(Alien Babble)

I want to go home! Please! Where’s my mommy and daddy?! I just want to go home!

(Alien Babble)

<Sound of a light being turned on>

OW! That’s bright! Ugh… wait… what… OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOO! Stay away from me! GET AWAY!



我听到奇怪的声音,不过我看不到你呀,为甚么这裡那么黑呀?这个是什么机器呀?求你了… 有人要跟我说说吗!





阿!那好刺眼!唔… 等一下… 甚么… 天哪不要!!!! 不要靠过来!!! 走开!!!


13号 把这个放到13号阿… 有意思

(Alien Babble)

Hey now. No reason to get yourselves worked up. Whatever you need, I’m going to tell it to you.

(Alien Babble)

Well, I’m pretty sure you want me to talk into this thing, so here goes.

My name is Giles Wolstencroft… I’m the current Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Vault-Tec Corporation.

I was inspecting the construction site of Vault 76 when I was captured by what I can only assume are alien beings from another world.

I’m not sure what they want from me, or what they will do to me, but whatever they need, I will readily provide.

Perhaps if I can bridge our communication gap and establish a rapport with them, we can enter into an exclusive trade agreement.

In fact, instead of talking to this damn machine, I’m going to attempt to address them directly.

On behalf of the Vault-Tec Corporation, I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you. Wait… you don’t need that… wait! WAIT! <zap>





我是Giles Wolstencroft… 我现在是Vault-Tec公司的助理首席执行长(Assistant CEO)。

儅我被绑架的时候我正在视察建设Vault 76的建筑工地。在这个时候我相信在一周的某个角落真的有外星人。




我代表我们Vault -Tec公司,我诚挚欢迎你们的来临。等一下… 不要把那个拿出来…. 等一下! 等!一!下! <电击声>




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