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《德军总部》更多按键设置代码详解 - 游戏论



将指令加入到C:\Documents and Settings\用户名称\Local Settings\Application Data\id Software\WolfSP\base\wolf.cfg中即可


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bind 按键 “功能”


bind M “god”


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toggle pm_thirdperson //切换第三身视角(游戏只做了手部和枪的模型)

give all ammo //补充所有弹药

toggle ui_showgun //切换显示手部和枪的模型

god //上帝模式

screenshot //截图,生成TGA文件

sndshot //快速截图,据我的测试是没感觉出和截图功能有什麼差别

toggle con_noprint //切换显示系统讯息

notarget //不会被敌人攻击


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r_showgbufferchannel 0 //0,1,2,3,4

toggle r_shadows //切换阴影显示?

toggle r_showsurfaceinfo 4

toggle g_showhud

toggle g_usepostprocesseffects


toggle r_skipspecular

toggle g_showdebughud 5

toggle r_showtris

toggle r_skipbump



toggle com_speeds

toggle r_showPortals

toggle r_showLights 6

toggle r_showShadows 3

toggle r_showBatchSize

toggle stream_slot_list

toggle g_stopTime

com_showFPS 1

g_enableHintGUIs 0


toggle g_showentityinfo


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aasStats show AAS statistics

activateAFs activates idAFEntity based entities

activateVehicles activates physics on sdTransport based entities

addarrow adds a debug arrow

addChatLine internal use – core to game chat lines

addline adds a debug line

addObituaryLine internal use – core to add obituary lines

addPerformanceQuery Displays a new performance query

admin perform administration commands

benchmark benchmark

benchview benchview

bind binds a command to a key

bindRagdoll binds ragdoll at the current drag position

blinkline blinks a debug line

buildFrequencies build a frequency table for the fixed huffman compressor

calcMinDist calc required min dist given [prevmindist] [prevmaxdist] [distmult] [newmaxdist] [newdistmult]

callvote call a vote to change server settings, etc

camera Sets the current view to a named camera entity, or clear the camera if no name is given

cameraNext Sets the current view to the next camera found in the map

cameraPrev Sets the current view to the previous camera found in the map

cancelPersonalWait cancels the personal wait

checkNewVersion check if a game update is available


clear clears the console

clearGlyphCache clears the glyph cache

clearLights clears all lights

clearPerformanceQueries Removes all performance queries

clearToolTipCookies clears all tooltip state cookies, so they will be played again

clientClass change your class

clientDefaultSpawn revert to default spawn

clientMessageMode ingame gui message mode

clientQuickChat plays a quickchat declaration

clientspawn spawns a game entity

clientTeam change your team

clientWaitForDeploy wait to be deployed

clientWaitForMedic wait to be revived

clientWantSpawn tap out

collisionModelInfo shows collision model info

collisionTest runs through all entityDefs and checks for erroneous collision data whilst generating cached models

combineCubeImages combines six images for roq compression


conDump dumps the console text to a file

connect connects to a server

crash causes a crash

cubeToSkybox converts a cubemap to a skybox (uses less memory than a full cubemap but only stores half a sphere)

cutNetDemo cuts a network demo if valid markers are set

cvar_restart restart the cvar system

cvarAdd adds a value to a cvar

cvarMultiply multiplies a value to a cvar

cycle cycles a cvar

damage apply damage to an entity

declBaf finishes the build process

declMemoryReport provides a memory report for loaded decls

deleteSelected deletes selected entity

demoShot writes a screenshot for a demo

devmap loads a map in developer mode

dir lists a folder

dirtree lists a folder with subfolders

disasmScript disassembles script

disconnect disconnects from a game

dotRenderPrograms dots render programs


dumpCVars writes out all cvars to base/cvars_.txt


dumpTextureInfo Writes out resident texture info

dumpToolTips dumps out all the tooltips to tooltips.txt

echo prints text

envshot takes an environment shot

error causes an error

exec executes a config file

exit exits the game

exportmodels exports models

exportScript exports scripts to a compilable format

findFreeString finds the next free string id

finishBuild finishes the build process

fireteam perform fireteam related commands

focusTool activates the specified tool, or the first active tool if none is specified

freeze freezes the game for a number of seconds

game_memory displays game class info

gameCrash cause a crash in the game module (dev purposes)

gameError causes a game error

generateNetDemoKeyFrames generate a keyframe file for a network demo

getAtmosphereLightDetails Get atmosphere light details

getviewpos prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll

gfxInfo show graphics info

give gives one or more items

givereward give reward to all players

giveToAllPlayers gives one or more items to all players

god enables god mode

gpuPerformanceQueries Add a standard set of gpu performance queries (this needs an instrumented nvidia driver)

halfSphereToCube converts spheremap to cubemap

halfSphereToSkybox converts spheremap to a skybox

heightToNormal does stuff with height maps


hitch hitches the game

htmlCVars write out the cvars to cvars.html

imposter renders imposter maps

in_restart restarts the input system

invert toggles controller up down axis

keepTestModel keeps the last test model in the game

keyFrameNext advances to the next key frame while playing back a network demo

keyFramePrev reverses to the previous key frame while playing back a network demo

kill kills the player

killAllBots causes all bots on the server to suicide and respawn

killClass removes all entities of ‘class’


killMoveables removes all moveables

killRagdolls removes all ragdolls

killTransports removes all transports

killType removes all entities of ‘type’

listActiveEntities lists active game entities

listAF lists articulated figures

listAnims lists all animations

listBinaryDecls lists the contents of a binary decl file

listBinds lists key bindings

listClasses lists game classes

listClientEntities lists Client Entities

listCmds lists commands

listCollisionModels lists collision models

listControllers lists connected controllers and their unique hashes

listCVars lists cvars

listDecals lists decal types

listDecls lists all decls

listDictKeys lists all keys used by dictionaries

listDictValues lists all values used by dictionaries

listEffects lists effects systems

listEntities lists game entities

listEntityDefs lists entity defs

listEvents lists all active events

listGameCmds lists game commands

listGUIs lists all allocated GUIs

listGUIThemes lists GUI themes

listImages lists images

listLines lists all debug lines

listLocStrs lists localization strings

listMaterials lists materials

listMedia lists all models

listModelDefs lists model defs

listModels lists all models

listModes lists all video modes

listOutOfLevelDecls lists all decls which were parsed outside of level load

listPerformanceQueries Lists the available performance queries

listRenderBindings lists render bindings

listRenderEntityDefs lists the entity defs

listRendererCmds lists renderer commands

listRenderLightDefs lists the light defs

listRenderPrograms lists render programs

listScriptObjects lists script objects

listSkins lists skins

listSoundCmds lists sound commands

listSoundDecoders list active sound decoders

listSounds lists all sounds

listSoundShaders lists sound shaders

listSoundUsage lists all sound shader usage

listSpawnArgs list the spawn args of an entity

listStuffTypes lists stuff types

listSurfaceTypes lists surface types

listSystemCmds lists system commands

listTables lists tables

listTemplates lists templates

listTexUsage lists model texture usage

listThreads lists script threads

listToolCmds lists tool commands

listVehicleScripts lists vehicle scripts

listVertexCache lists vertex cache


loadtool loads a tool DLL

makeAmbientMap makes an ambient map

makeEnvMaps Recreates the environment maps for the level

makeMegaTexture processes giant images

makePerlin makes perlin nose maps

map loads a map

mapshot Takes an environment shot.

memoryDump creates a memory dump

memoryDumpCompressed creates a compressed memory dump

memoryDumpPerClass creates a memory dump per class

memoryReport creates a memory report

modulateLights modifies shader parms on all lights

networkSpawn spawns a game entity during a network game

nextAnim shows next animation on test model

nextFrame shows next animation frame on test model

nextMap change to the next map

noclip disables collision detection for the player

nodeActive sets a node to active, or inactive

nodeAdd adds a vehicle nav node to the map for the bots

nodeDel deletes the nearest node.

nodeFlags sets a node’s flags. 0 = NORMAL, 1 = WATER

nodeLink create a link from the last node to this one and back.

pass ‘oneway’ to make it a one way link. pass ‘clear’ to start a new chain of links.

nodeName renames the nearest node (handy for script access). argument:

nodeRadius sets the radius for the nearest node. argument:

nodeTeam changes the team the nearest node is associated with. team:

nodeView view a node

notarget disables the player as a target

parse prints tokenized string

path lists search paths

pauseGame pauses the game

pauseNetDemo toggles pause while playing back a network demo

placeDemoCutEndMarker places end marker for demo cutting

placeDemoCutStartMarker places start marker for demo cutting

playJumpStartDemo plays back a jump start demo

playNetDemo plays back a network demo

popLight removes the last created light

popPerformanceQuery Removes a performance query

prevAnim shows previous animation on test model

prevFrame shows previous animation frame on test model

printAF prints an articulated figure

printDecal prints a decal type

printEffects prints an effects system

printEntityDef prints an entity def

printGuiProperty Prints a property in the named gui

printGuiStats Prints statistics for a gui

printLocStr prints a localization string

printMaterial prints a material

printModel prints model info

printModelDefs prints a model def

printSkin prints a skin

printSoundShader prints a sound shader

printStuffType prints a stuff type

printSurfaceType prints a surface type

printTable prints a table

printTemplate prints a template

printVehicleScripts prints a vehicle script

quit quits the game

quitToSP returns to SP

rcon sends remote console command to server

reconnect reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to

recordNetDemo records a network demo

reexportModels reexports models

regenerateWorld regenerates all interactions

reloadAnims reloads animations

reloadDecls reloads decls

reloadEngine reloads the engine down, including the file system

reloadGlyphSpecials relaods the glyph specials

reloadGuiGlobals reloads gloabal gui properties

reloadImages reloads images

reloadLanguage reload language dictionaries

reloadModels reloads models

reloadScript reloads scripts

reloadSounds reloads all sounds

reloadSurface reloads the decl and images for selected surface

reloadTools shuts down all tools and rescans the fs_toolPaths

reloadTunables reload tunable stats dict

reloadUserGroups reloads user groups

remove removes an entity

removeline removes a debug line


renderbump renders a bump map

renderbumpFlat renders a flat bump map

renderLight bakes light

rendermapshot takes an environment shot

renderNetDemo plays back a network demo, capturing frames to disk

reparseDecls reparses decls

reportAnimState Reports the entity number’s current animation state


reportImageDuplication checks all referenced images for duplications

reportPakChecksums reports a set of MD5 hashes for pak files

reportSurfaceAreas lists all used materials sorted by surface area

reset resets a cvar

resetAllBotsGoals causes all bots to dump their current goals and start fresh

s_restart restarts the sound system

saveMoveables save all moveables to the .map file

saveNodes saves the nav nodes to.nav

saveRagdolls save all ragdoll poses to the .map file

saveSelected saves the selected entity to the .map file

say text chat

sayFireteam fireteam text chat

sayTeam team text chat

screenshot takes a screenshot

serverInfo shows server info

serverMapRestart restart the current game

serverStartDemos forces all clients to start recording demos

set sets a cvar

seta sets a cvar and flags it as archive

setAtmosphere Set the atmosphere for the current area

setGuiProperty Sets a property in the named gui



setMachineSpec detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value

setp sets a cvar and flags it as archive and profile

sets sets a cvar and flags it as server info

sett sets a cvar and flags it as tool

setu sets a cvar and flags it as user info

setviewpos sets the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll

shaderPerformance Export some shader performance info

showDictMemory shows memory used by dictionaries

showFPSBandings shows breakdown of fps

showInteractionMemory shows memory used by interactions

showStringMemory shows memory used by strings



showTriSurfMemory shows memory used by triangle surfaces

sizeDown makes the rendered view smaller

sizeUp makes the rendered view larger

spawn spawns a game entity

spawnServer spawns a server

startBuild prepares to make a build

stats stats debugging tool

stopNetDemo stops network demo recording

superScreenShot takes a big screenshot


teleport teleports the player to an entity location

testAnim tests an animation

testBlend tests animation blending

testDamage tests a damage def

testDeath tests death

testDecls runs through all decls and checks for broken/defaulted ones




testGUI Replace the main menu with a test gui.

testImage displays the given image centered on screen


testLight tests a light


testmap tests a map

testModel tests a model


testParticleStopTime tests particle stop time on a test model

testPointLight tests a point light

testPrecache Precaches an entitydef, then spawns it, to check for any additional unprecached media




testShaderParm sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel

testSIMD test SIMD code

testSkin tests a skin on an existing testModel

testSound tests a sound




testWarning test warnings!

timeNetDemo times a network demo

timeServer time a server

toggle toggles a cvar

toggleNetDemo toggles demo recording status

touch touches a decl


touchFile touches a file

touchFileList touches a list of files

touchModel touches a model

trigger triggers an entity

unbind unbinds any command from a key

unbindall unbinds any commands from all keys

unbindRagdoll unbinds the selected ragdoll

unPauseGame unpauses the game

useWeapon switch to the named inventory item. this is looked up from the player’s team def

validateModel validates a model

vid_restart resizes/fullscreens the game window

vote send your vote response

vstr inserts the current value of a cvar as command text

wait delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames

where prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll

wikiClassPage dumps wiki formatted entity class information

wikiClassTree dumps wiki formatted entity class information

wikiCVars write out the cvars to cvars.txt, suitable for pasting into wiki

wikiEventInfo dumps wiki formatted script event information

wikiFormatCode dumps wiki formatted versions of the script files

wikiScriptClassPage dumps wiki formatted script object information

wikiScriptFileList dumps wiki formatted script file list

wikiScriptTree dumps wiki formatted script object hierarchy

win Sets the winning team to allied or axis and ends game

writeConfig writes a config file

writeImage writes the given image to disk

writeJumpStartDemo writes a jump start demo file, allows you to start further in a demo

writePrecache writes precache commands

zoomInCommandMap zoom in the command map

zoomOutCommandMap zoom out the command map


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